Our tinctures are uniquely blended using several super effective ingredients, selected for their potency, positive feel good powers and natural healing properties which can benefit modern lifestyles. Our use of organic Adaptogens are proven to encourage your body to;

  • resist the harmful effects of stress
  • balance hormones
  • reduce inflammation
  • improve your body’s immunity
  • increase mental clarity
  • beat fatigue

She Effect tinctures are effective game changers which positively enhance your everyday.

Tinctures are concentrated herbal liquid extracts of botanical plant infusions. 

They are the most effective way to gain the beneficial properties from Adaptogenic plants to improve your wellbeing from the inside out.

She Effect Tinctures and Remedies are carefully hand blended in small batches with organically certified ingredients using the very best botanical ingredients. They are easy to use either directly or with water, natural juice or cool tea.

We recommend taking our tincture blends directly or mixed with 100ml water, natural juice or cool tea. 



Within the next few months all our tinctures will be British Certified Organic.

We use an effective modern approach to understanding the true benefits of traditional science.
All our ingredients are traceable and we are responsible in our sourcing and manufacturing.

We use only the very best concentrated herbal extracts with potent prolonged effects and are minimal in our packaging waste.
The She Effect brand is about promoting product versatility and its positive and sustainable effects.
We manufacture our tinctures in the UK