Super herbal remedy blends and botanical supplements for your mind, mood and body.

We are Oxford’s first brand devoted to encouraging a modern approach to supporting your mindful well-being through the use of ‘effective’ super-plant botanicals.  

Because feeling good is everything!

Over 20 years of botanical research and effective therapeutic experience go into our botanical remedies, tinctures, tonics, supplementary support and self-care products.

“Our approach to feeling and looking good is through the use of scientifically proven medicinal botanicals”

We responsibly blend the most effective adaptogenic plants which have naturally profound, health and well-being benefits.

Passionately we specialise in creating only the best and effective feel-good product experiences which;

Boost - Well-being 

Calm - Mind & Body

Comfort - Self Care 

Sleep - Better

Cleanse - Recharge & Energise 

She Effect products have the unique ability to adapt to everyones individualities, assisting in naturally enhancing your everyday.

Less Stress - Sleep Better - Feel Good

Now that’s effective!



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