Super-Plant Powered Mind-food Emotional Supplementary Support


We responsibly harness and blend the naturally active and potent super powers of Adaptogenic botanical plants. We bring you high performance, feel-good products which are scientifically versatile and therefore sustainable. Each product has the uniquely profound ability to adapt to several your individual needs, all in the same bottle.

Now that’s effective!


ORGANIC -  We only use organic ingredients in all of our tinctures, tonics, and botanical remedies. By using the best organically certified ingredients, we take pride in bringing you the best quality product experiences and being an exceptional brand.

None of our products use GMO, pesticides, additives, or any chemical nasties.

Mindfully Responsible, Sustainably Versatile”

'Less is more' is our entire ethos - Our products are all multi-functional, profoundly versatile, and adapt to each person’s individuality.

We take a responsible approach in every aspect of our manufacturing, including our labelling which is made from recycled paper, and we ethically source our packaging and ingredients. Our brand was established in Oxfordshire and our products are handmade in the UK.

Our Products

We specialise in herbal remedy drops, botanical teas, and aroma-therapeutic products which help enhance general well-being through smell and touch.

Founders Story 

For our founder, who has been in the beauty and wellness industry for decades, and likeminded people, feeling good is everything. It has overtaken the obsession that has long affected so many people; the obsession with solely focusing on what we look like on the outside.  

Finding My Feel Good Experiences

"My real appreciation for feeling good came about when out of the blue I entered a decade long of feeling absolutely terrible from the inside-out, and was finally diagnosed with two autoimmune challenges.

My emotional health and sleep quality were deeply affected.  It was at this time I discovered the power of super-plant remedies which changed my life.

I realised that a lot of the products I was using, and foods I was eating as well as the fast pace of my life were adding to my health issues.  It was important to me to eat organic and I wanted to find natural supplementary choices which were easy to use and would help me to enrich each day.  I also wanted products which would be effective and beneficial for the mind as well as the body.

After lots of challenges and research I am now delighted to be able to launch and share these beautiful and versatile products which help enhance my everyday feel good factor and navigate my modern life challenges.

I would like to introduce you to my SUPER-PLANT FOUR, the cornerstones to botanical well-being.”

Let’s get Super-Plant Powered!
Helping the body to cleanse and detoxify is the foundation to feeling less stress, experiencing better sleep quality and enhancing your feel good factor

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