Effective Super Powers


She Effect supplementary tinctures and tonics are effective game changers which positively enhance your everyday from your inside-out.

Our tinctures are uniquely blended using several super effective ingredients, selected for their potency, positive feel good powers and naturally effective, botanical healing properties.

Tinctures look after your mental wellbeing and successfully combat mild anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, irritableness and low moods to name just a few effective powers.

Blended ingredients such as those found in our tincture tonics can also boost immunity, cognitive performance and comfortable aid digestion.  

Tinctures are concentrated herbal liquid extracts of botanical plant infusions. 

They are the most effective way to gain the beneficial properties from Adaptogenic plants to improve your wellbeing from the inside out.

She Effect Tinctures and Remedies are carefully hand blended in small batches with organically certified ingredients using the very best botanical ingredients. They are easy to use directly or with water, natural juice or cool tea.